Bluetooth Key Mapping

How do you do Bluetooth Key bindings in Loopy Pro (NOT Bluetooth Midi Device)? With LoopyHD, you would go to settings -> Bluetooth Key Bindings -> Add binding. I can't seem to find that function in LoopyHD. Really hope it still has that feature, I use it with a custom guitar pedal made from a Bluetooth keyboard - works insanely well on the old app!


  • Bump - would really be stoked if there was any answer to this. Is it something that is in the pipeline, or will LoopyHD have to suffice for that functionality? Holding thumbs!!!!!

    • 1 on this Request. Built an Ed Sheeran-inspired Chewie Monstah 2 with a keyboard hack. Only works with the old app 😪
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    Edit: Nvm :)

  • Yeah, no support for keyboards (of the typing variety or hacks thereupon) just yet. It’s on my todo list

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    Thanks for your reply and a GREAT app Michael, love the UX so much! As a workaround I tried achieving this tonight using the Sidecar MIDI Controller App to translate keystrokes into MIDI (as this IS supported by Loopy PRO). It supports QWERTY-keyboards alright but I can’t seem to get Loopy PRO’s ”MIDI Learn” to listen to the input.

    It all works as intended to play keyboard inside Loopy with the QWERTY-keyboard, so perhaps I’m just trying to do the (for now) impossible…

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    Feels so close, and yet so far away… Could there be a way of acheving this via VirtualMIDI Input (some other QWERTY-enabled app?). No? 😇

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