Loopy Pro - very beginning of loop missing on 1st playback

Generally I LOVE Loopy Pro. However, I'm finding that the very front end of a loop is clipped off on the first playback. From the 2nd playback it's fine (this is both when using audio threshold recording ON or OFF). Also either with onboard iPad Pro mic and also using an IRig DUO I/O interface. Any suggestions?


  • Thanks @Linsey! Hmm, that's interesting - I'd like to see how you're recording the first loop; would you mind doing a screen recording?

  • sure ...I'll do that tomorrow

  • Hi Michael, here is a screen recording and 3 screenshots to show my clip settings. Sorry, just realised that the volume is very low. Notice that on the first playback both examples have the front end clipped but on the 2nd play through and consecutive plays the complete sound is there. Is it something to do with the clip settings? When I tap on the small wave icon (that appears next to the clip) and it enlarges I can see that Loopy Pro is trying to clip the front end. How do I make sure that this does not happen. By the way, I love what you've created. I have been performing solo looping shows worldwide since 1996 and looping since 1990 and have used many many different looping pedals. I am currently using the RC505 and was about to update to mk2, but you've definitely got me reconsidering. However I am a child of the hardware age :) Here are the files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a503xqpo5sutbte/AABakWQbcsCN3397zWDtJfoga?dl=0

  • Apologies for the delay – catching up on some parenting time 😄 I’ll take a look at this tomorrow

  • Same for me, but with imported stems...

  • Still catching up over here, but I’ll get to this soon! @Keychee that’s very interesting! Would you mind doing a screen recording of that as well, if convenient?

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