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Loopy Pro - Drumperfect Working

Hi Michael and everyone,

Firstly, amazing how cool, fast and stable this software is. I'm running electric guitar into a Babyface Pro FS using a 2020 Pad Air. Amazing to have multiple instances of THU overload amp sim mapped to different colours. Awesome!

For backing drums. I have got a few apps Drumperfect Pro, Lumbeat Rock DM, DM1, and Session Band Drums.

When I add a New Audio unit, only Drumperfect player is available. This shows up as a second input device.

In Drumperfect I can set clock source as Loopy Pro. I can then select my drum pattern presets and all is good.

I hope this helps other users.




  • Thanks for sharing. Are you still using this setup (Drumperfect) or have you found any alternatives apps / better solution?

    I've been using GarageBand to generate drums, but now looking for an option that will let me sync / record with Loopy.

  • Hi,
    I’m mainly still using DrumPerfect and occasionally Rock DM.

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