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Hey there,

Loopy has been an amazing addition to my rig. SO much in fact, that I have started to rely on it quite a lot. With the new upgrade however, Loopy HD has gone from a great asset to a (dare I say) buggy piece of $hit. Sorry 'bout that.

The recordings are all crackly now, it freezes constantly, I keep randomly getting kicked out. This is totally unacceptable. I use this software while gigging.

Please fix!!!!



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    I'm very sorry to hear that Bryan - my testing team and users I've been working closely with have all been happily telling me this is the most stable and fast build of Loopy yet, so that's rather distressing to hear.

    Can you give me some specifics on the problems you're seeing?

    Firstly, what hardware are you using (including iDevice and iOS version, and any external accessories)? And is this Loopy 2.4, or Loopy HD 1.3?

    Next, where are you hearing this crackly audio? Under what circumstances is it crackly? Under what circumstances is it not? Can you send me a recording? (to michael at atastypixel dot com).

    You mentioned it freezes constantly - can you give me some examples of when that happens, and what it looks like? Is the entire screen frozen? Still moving, but unresponsive? In the main screen, or one of the control panel screens? On launch, or during use? Under what circumstances does it happen? Under what circumstances does it not?

    Thanks for taking the time to bring this to my attention.


  • @bryan did you check your RAM? Especially with an ipad1, you have to clear your RAM, double click your home button and close all other apps first & then try it again....

  • iPad 2, iOS 6.0, I use Alesis IO Doc) Loopy HD 1.3

    Thanks for the feedback,

    I had previously done a number of sessions without restarting. I restarted the iPad, and this really solved all the problems as far as the program crashing.

    Last night I played a 2 hour long set on one Loopy HD session, used all 12 loops (plus a few after deleting and starting over), and kept my total loop length between all loops around 5 minutes. Worked like a charm.

    A couple things that would really help this software:

    1) I still get quite a bit of clipping on the start and close of my tracks, especially when they are pads that have already started. I know this comes from clipping off the transient, but it would be great to be able to have a quick fade in/out for the recording (not just the playback).

    2) Is there a setting so that the audio doesn't combine on playback? For a while whatever signal came in the left side, would only come out of the left side of the I/O Dock (which is really handy to split the mix between guitar (L) and Bass (R) out to a different amp). But now I can only get it so they are both combined (so whatever is recorded into either the left or right channel ends up coming out both channels). Any ideas? I couldn't find any settings within Loopy HD for this.

    Thanks again,

    Bryan Schumann

  • Well, that's nice to hear. Let me get back to you; I'm flat out working on Audiobus this week and don't have much spare brain-space.

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