Anyone else using Loopy Pro with M1 Mac? Similar issues?

I don't have an iPad so I've been using Loopy Pro on my M1 Mac. It mostly works but regularly freezes. I'm not sure if this is ever planned to be supported but I do think it's a pretty great alternative to Logic Live Loops or Ableton. The MIDI commands are much better and I definitely like using it more.

However, I'm not sure how to even go about helping to make the experience better and debug the freezes. Maybe crash reports are being sent but if so I've not been notified about it.

I searched for a post but didn't see anything on it. Let me know if I'm missing something or will need to give up on this.


  • Hey! Yeah I’ve actually just turned off support for the M1 for now, as there do seem to be a few issues. I’ll take a crack at it a bit later on. If you get reproducible crashes that happen in predicable ways, I’d love to hear about them though. Feel free to post them here.

  • dang. ok. do you want the report here?

    When I go to edit the properties of a clip, it completely freezes up. However, this didn't happen. So I wonder if it's some global setting that I changed and now that is conflicting with the clip modification dialog.

    It's consistently crashing on my machine.

  • Okay, I’ll take a look

  • @Michael any update on M1 Mac availability?

  • @milkypostman said:
    @Michael any update on M1 Mac availability?

    Not just yet. I plan to bring it to the Mac (not just the M1) relatively soon, but I don’t have a solid timeline on that yet.

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