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Loopy Pro and Audiobus?

I installed Loopy Pro today on my ipad and I cannot see it in my Audiobus outputs. Is Audiobus not supported?


  • If your intent is to record into LP, you can load it as an AUv3 effect in AB3.

  • so my setup for years has been: i plug my guitar and mic into a presonus 24c. Then i hook that into the ipad pro. from there i bring up audiobus and from the input, i choose input 2(my guitar) and in the second one i choose ampkit, and in the 3rd one output i choose loopy hd. That has worked for all my live shows flawlessly, but now i see i cannot add loopy pro to the 3rd one (output). My effects one is taken up by my ampkit, it doesnt work putting ampkit in the first input of audiobus.

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    It sounds like you are very comfortable with your existing setup, but you may need to try some new combos. If Ampkit is an AU effect, you can try Loopy Pro standalone. If not, you can try using AUM as your host, with Ampkit as an IAA effect, with Loopy Pro recording the output.

  • I see it is now added in as an output in audiobus. Awesome

  • Actually, no, that was a mistake, it shouldn’t be appearing in that slot (now fixed). But you can achieve the exact same thing by adding it as an Audio Unit effect in AB3

  • ahhh. So heres the thing. I have a presonus 24c interface, i plug my guitar into input 2. I bring up audiobus and on the first section (inputs) I choose ampkit. when i open ampkit, you would select your input channel on bottom right, however, it only says Audiobus as input and does not generate any input into ampkit. So I remove that and in the input section of audiobus, I choose the other option that shows my 24c's two channels. I select input 2 and in the second section (fx) of audiobus I choose ampkit and it recognizes it with no issue as my input. With loopy pro now being on the middle section, I have to add it as a second effect which doesnt get the sound from ampkit into it. Is there a way to get the sound from the FX channel ampkit to the FX channel loopy pro?

  • Hey ! I was looking for an answer to something similar.

    I’ve been having trouble with routing both through Audiobus and within LoopyPro. Using a Babyface Pro, my outputs are inaccessible through the LoopyPro channel addition (also checked setttings).

    I see Loopy Pro being an Effect as a great thing, but since the instance is new each time I add it, multitracking and other things become almost impossible.

    I would like to route my busses to record individually (like possible with AUM using LoopyHD) . Alsooo would like to be able to access these input and output ports (possible with LoopyHD)

    I know I should probably just go back to LoopyHD for now…..but after seeing LoopyPro and how nice it is overall, I can’t go back to just LoopyHD lol !

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