FEATURE SUGGESTION: Numerical readout when adjusting track offset

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This should definitely come under the heading of techniques. As suggested I am posting my idea here to see if you agree: that there's a need for a track offset indicator & real time measuring of finger rotation when advancing or retarding an offset track. My conversation with tech support clarifies further. What thinketh you?


Thanks for the feedback, Pete - I'll have a think about this.

Incidentally, this sort of thing may be best placed on forum.loopyapp.com, where others can chime in and possibly lend their support to the idea, which helps me get an idea of how many people want this.


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On 4 Oct 2012, at 16:59, Peter Rosen [email-addr-removed-by-michael-to-keep-peter-spam-free] wrote:

(there's nothing going wrong, but when tweaking timing by two finger rotation, a NUMERICAL READOUT would help a lot; to know how far in ms you've advanced or retarded the track from its original position. The readout should be in the middle of the circle for the tweaked track And ONCE TWEAKED, SHOULD REMAIN VISIBLE with a - or + to show positive or negative offset in addition to a number so other tracks can be lined up. 


  • Also, it'd be nice to be able to "snap" to common beat divisions, like 1/4, 1/8 etc.

  • Read out would be handy sometimes for sure but I'm generally good with using my ears when doing small offsets for delays or timing corrections.

    Snapping to common beat divisions though... yes, please! Tricky to do right because when I do want to set it freely, snapping could be awfully frustrating. Perhaps if you somehow incorporate a third finger? or if once you start a two finger rotation you can release one finger to enable snapping (or free rotation, depending on the default).

  • Aren't these two different things....? I use offset primarily to CORRECT any timing errors so the initial transient of the loop is bang on the one . Any snap to timing division function would only be valid AFTER the loop has been corrected to be on time, or you could just be shifting x ms delay at the start of the loop from the 'one' to the 'and' , frinstance .

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    Maybe leave freestyle corrective offset as it is ,( though numerical readout could be useful ), and "SNAPTWIST" function (TM Wally Inc.) could be added to vol/pan/dly menu using similar circular graphic around loop but marked out in subdivisions ?

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