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Clock Sync between two iPads

edited December 2021 in Support and Feedback

Dear Friends,

First of all, I'm new in the Forum so: HI!!

I Have a Question: I'm trying to make a new project with a friend of mine where we want to jam with live-looping. What we do is we connect our two iPads Pro via Ableton Link and we share the Clock with each other in order to synchronize it in our Loopy Hd Apps, and it works fantastically! The Only problem is that when you record a loop in the first iPad (A) with a (for example) 4 Bars length, and right after a loop in the second iPad (B) with a 2 Bars length, the tempo goes to double!! I understand why, but it means that A is slave to B. The Question is, Is there a way to do exactly the oposite? We would like to record something in A and that B takes automatically its tempo, even if the loop is shorter ...

Hopefully you can understand what I mean! :) Thank you very much for your Help! Cheers!


  • regardless where you set the tempo will be the tempo for both ipads. then you set track-lenght ipad a to 4 bars, ipad b to 2 bars. the tracks will be recorded and the tempo remains like it is set.

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