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Audio input shows in Audiobus, but not in Loopy

I'm struggling with getting even the basic stuff to work with Loopy. I can get things going using the built-in iPad mic, but things get weird with my interface. It's a Behringer UMC404HD, which seems to have some quirks, chiefly that it follows the iPad volume control - but that's not the problem.

I can get audio into Audiobus from my microphone connected to the Behringer, but nothing in Loopy, either standalone or through linking Loopy to Audiobus. The UMC shows up in the Bluetooth Connections control inputs tab (even though it's USB). The frustrating thing is that there's no way to tell Loopy where it should get audio.

I'm tempted to blame the UMC, but if I can get audio into Audiobus, why can't I get audio into Loopy?

Any thoughts would be welcome.



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