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Focusrite iTrack Solo

edited October 2012 in Equipment

New interface for ipad. Just saw this. Not sure if it can charge while using.


  • Unfortunately, it does not charge the iOS device.. per Focusrite:

    "The iTrack Solo requires all of the power supplied via the USB bus, so there wouldn't be enough power left over to charge the iPad at the same time."

    Bummer... still waiting for a company to step up with a pro-quality interface that will charge the dang device. In the meantime, why does Apple not allow the iOS device to stream audio to/from a Mac via the USB/Dock connection?

  • Thanks pepelemofo for looking through the fine print on the itrack. Yep...really need a multiple channel pro-interface that will charge the dang ipad!

  • Sorry to revive an old thread, but has anyone used the Focusrite iTrack Solo with Loopy? I've heard mention that the iTrack doesn't port the guitar line through to some apps. It seems like a near perfect I/O device otherwise (great quality signal and can be used for iMac, PC, iPad and iPhone!).

  • Yestday i tried with loopy, i put in my double bass and it works prfectly. I don know with other app but with loopy it works :)

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