Just an idea for tempo-detection…

edited October 2021 in Loopy Pro Beta

What about a function that analyses the mic input like the autoloop function, but for the beat that is going on from the DJ set live in the room? Could loopy guess the tempo going on in the room? Then sending that to Ableton link with an offset slider would be killer for jamming together!! Or does something like that exist already?


  • Ah, I see, I tried Ableton 11 and the beat seeker plug-in in Ableton 10 and that is a different but more realistic approach… It follows the smaller timing variations which is really really cool when jamming with a Drummer or me being the drummer ;-). I guess that is a little bit more complicated.
    found an App which sends link signal after tapping Tempo for one measure. that seems cool for a start so far on the iPad,

  • It's on my roadmap..

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