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Arranging Effect Widges on main screen

edited October 2021 in Loopy Pro Beta

I bet this is planned, I just drop it here. Should be there for release, because it’s a basic concept decision. I realize that with growing and more complex projects it will become difficult to find the right effect in the bottom bar.
It is important to be able to arrange them (I’d say it’s I’mportant to be able to arrange EVERYTHING) on the main screen. That’s the basic modular concept here and it would be great, to arrange the effects in boxes and place them where I want. I can do that with parameters, ok, but sometimes it just makes sense To have the effects for a group/loop below or just near the loop… I guess it would be just consequent, to have that modular parts approach in a matrix all over the mainscreen for really personalised looping beasts…


  • edited October 2021

    And by "effects" here, do you mean a button that toggles the effect, or one that opens the effect's UI? (or both, I guess!)

  • Yeah, both ;–)

  • Cool. The former is already there, I plan the latter.

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