FX chains jump to all colours when editing in GUI mode (happened with RME babyface)

When I set a chain for microphone and edit it later in the GUI modus (I have to do that because the value fader mode shows dozens of EQ faders from ProQ3, I would prefer to work in GUI modus as default with the ability to switch like with single FX) it suddenly jumps to all colours so that it is on all running loops although it was just set to microphone input…


  • Can you give me step-by-step repro directions, or a video?

  • Yes, thanks for asking:

    1. build an FX chain.
    2. Put it in the project and set it to live input microphone…

    3. record something. Great, it has been recorded with effect.

    4. Go back to editing the effect chain in VISUAL MODE.

    5. Immediately the microphone input has no more effect, but the loops go again through the chain…
  • Ahh, I see - that should be only while you're editing the chain. When you're in the chain editor, it goes into audition mode, where the chain is applied to all loops and inputs. If you back out again, it should go back to the original state.

    I'll be adding some better UI for loaded effect chains shortly.

  • Cool, thanks!

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