Input gain set not to 100% (compared to AUM or Audiobus)

edited October 2021 in Loopy Pro Beta

Anybody found, where to adjust (digital) input volume? With RME babyface or internal no problem, but now I test Behringer UMC and input is too low. AUM is fixed to 75% input gain when started parallell and at that value is also very quiet.
With Loopy Pro inside AUM as AUV3 no problem. Just standalone problem that it sets input gain low :-(

And no, the fader with the Monitoring switch (headphone) is not the input gain. When setting AUM input gain to 100% it is much louder with less noise than loopys +24db. There is something wrong.

And no, it is not only set analog on the umc202 ios somehow has that digital input gain thing :-(.

When I start audiobus first its as silent as loopy, then I look at the input gain and it is at 100%, then I move the fader up and down and the signal gets finally loud!! When I start loopy again, the input signal (from audiobus) gets lower again.


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