Metronome issue

edited October 2021 in Loopy Pro Beta

The Metronome TAP don’t work or work only on slow tap.
Also I would reverse the manual BPM strip going to the left to decrease the BPM and to the right to increase.
Thank you for this brilliant app, except for this small problem, it seems super stable for the moment. :)

iPad Pro 12 1st gen - iPadOs 13.7


  • ok, restarting the ipad and reinstalling the beta solved the issue

  • Can you find a way to reproduce the tap problem? I'd like to look into that.

    BPM strip: this is a jog control, not a slider. I'm going to try fading out the edges, to make it look more like a wheel, see if that helps.

  • the metronome issue never recurred after a fresh install, i tried to delete and reinstall but it doesn't happen.
    I understand the concept of the jog control but to me it would make more sense if going to the left the value decreases, but I'm already used to it :)

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