Crackles and auto-stop record

First, thank you for this app. I love the implementation!

I found some problems. I understand the crackles are "normal" in this beta stage. But I found that record stops automatically depends on.

I'll attach a video. It's an Ipad 2019



  • Just looking into this now. Can you repro the crackles with a different instrument AU? Soon I'll be adding a DSP indicator so you can tell if an AU is overloading the CPU at all, but I'm curious to see if another instrument behaves differently.

    "But I found that record stops automatically depends on." -- didn't understand that sentence, can you take another crack at it? ;-)

  • Sorry!

    Sure, I just test with another AU (Model D, Mirack and Zeeon) and the behaviour is the same.

    About the sentence, the weird behaviour is that, the loop stops record and starts playback randomly. In the video that I upload, I never touch the loop circle to stop. It happens when more crackles I listen.

  • Thanks for that!

    Blast... that video is an expired link. Do you still have the original? If you can join the Slack channel, stuff will hang round a bit longer than with Wetransfer, which would be helpful (

  • Failing that, give me a step-by-step guide to reproducing it, or record a video explaining it? I'm having trouble.

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