Loopy Pro: Limited public beta now open

Hi! Good news! The end is in sight!

I'm very pleased to announce that today I'm opening up Loopy Pro for public beta testing 🎉

However: this is not for the merely curious. Please, only sign up if you're genuinely interested in helping me discover and solve issues. That'll mean doing things like trying to figure out how to reproduce a problem if one comes along, and documenting each crash.

At first, I'm limiting the beta to a fairly small group, to avoid getting swamped. Loopy Pro will steadily get more robust as beta testing progresses over the next weeks, and I'll open up more over that time. So, again: if you're just curious about Loopy Pro, and aren't up for some QA work, please hold your horses for now.

Otherwise – welcome aboard!

https://loopypro.com/join to get started.

And thanks!


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    Hi Michael, the beta is already full ? Ok, just read your text, maybe that is why… will wait though.

  • Very excited to see what you’ve created, chagrined to have missed the email :) I should be able to be helpful with the QA stuff — will keep a close eye on my inbox. Thank you Michael!

  • Hope to make it into the next round of testing, that first look video looked very promising.
    This might turn out to be the one app to bring them all together for me...

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