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I got Loopy recently and I'm testing it to see if it's worth it for me to buy a "real" audio/midi interface to use my iphone as a portable looper. I like it so far but unless I'm mistaken some features that are important to me seem to be missing :

  • Overdub : why does the overdub only start at the beginning of the next cycle ? This makes no sense to me, I base my decisons on the sounds I hear, not the visual position in the loop. I looked in the options but saw nothing to change the overdubbing behaviour from "start overdub at the beginning of the next cycle" to "start overdubbing right now". Did I miss anything ? That's a pretty big deal for me, as I usually incrementally create layered loops using several different sound sources with my other loopers...

  • Feedback : is there any feedback control when overdubbing ? This shouldn't be hard to implement and is in my opinion extremely useful. To be clear, by feedback I mean that when starting a new cycle, the (perceived) volume of what was already in the loop is multiplied by the feedback value (in the [0,1] range).

  • Loop Duration : right now the loop is defined by its tempo (and time division). That's useful for many situations but there are times when you just want a loop of, say, 4 seconds. It would be very nice to have an alternate display of loop time in seconds instead of bpm...

  • Multiply : I know that you can already select a variation of the current loop time using the + / buttons. It would also be nice to enable a behaviour similar to the one of hardware loopers that have the Multiply function : if enabled, you keep recording the new loop as long as you want and when you stop, it's length is truncated/extended to the nearest fraction or multiple of the master loop length. I know that you use the fact that you know the next loop's length to display the waveform as it's being recorded but I'd gladly discard the visual display in that case for the possibility to have this function.

I understand that some of these features would not necessarily make sense for everybody, but having at least an option to enable them would be great.


  • Hi,

    1. "Count In Recording" in Settings » Track Management
    2. No, not yet
    3. That's a bit niche, but why not just use 60 BPM at 1/1 time signature? Then bars maps to seconds.
    4. "Count Out Recording" in Settings » Track Management. Or read through the manual to find out how to skip the count-out for just one track.
  • Don't think the multiply request is what you're thinking. It's an old feature of the EDP. You start with a base loop an the length is set. You can go into overdub afterwards and record and record until you exit record mode. Lets say the original loop was 4 measures and you recorded 15 measures while overdubbing. The EDP will set your loop to 16 measures, copying the original 4 times and leaving a measure at the end without any overdub.

    A very cool feature but there are probably better ways to accomplish the same with loopy via lengthless track and count out sync. Indeed, you may be able to do it now. Not sure.

  • Hmm, I may still be missing something.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I understand it, you can accomplish the same thing by simply starting with a 4 measure loop, then double-tapping a new loop to begin recording, recording for as long as you like and then tapping to stop. The new loop will be truncated/extended to the nearest power-of-two multiple of the base length.

  • Nope, that's exactly the feature. I started to hedge at the end there, see? :)

    I haven't actually tried this yet, obviously. So I'm not sure how to set it up to work this way. Will give it a shot tonight. Thanks.

  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the quick answers.

    I missed the Count in recording, looks good to me :). I'll have a closer look at the documentation...

    And "not yet" must mean that the feedback is high on your priorirty list, that's good to know :). I guess the hard part is making it fit with the existing interface.

    I agree that the display in seconds might seem a bit niche but I got used to that in my trusty old Boss DD20. Well, it's just a display matter so I can get around that by calculating the bpm, no big deal.

    About Multiply : you say "truncated/extended to the nearest power-of-two multiple of the base length", does that mean that you can't make the second loop for example 3 times longer than the first one ?

    Thanks :).

  • @syrupcore - Haha, I did notice the hedging ;-) All this is my fault really; I need to work on tutorials and manuals, it's just that I've been so busy actually adding features I've neglected it! Bad me.

    @oscillateur - No problem =) Actually, you can make the second loop 3 times longer than the first one, but to do that you need to set the clock to that length first, by pressing "+" 3 times. It will always do powers-of-two (x2, x4, x8, x16...) or 1/powers-of-two (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16) of the master clock, but the master clock is adjustable.
    I decided to limit the auto-quantize to powers of two because that's the right thing to do 99% of the time. For the other 1%, you can achieve the same thing but you gotta shift the clock first.

  • Ok, then would it be possible to have a switch in the options to enable auto-quantizing with numbers that aren't powers of 2 ? Something you have to explicitly do yourself, so that people who don't mess with it have no behaviour change at all...

    Even though you can set the clock before, when you're doing improvised pieces you don't necessarily know beforehand what the length will be, having to set the clock changes the workflow quite a bit.

    Thanks :).

  • Hallo,
    -Yes.. Feedback-Control via midi would be wonderful.

    -A Switch to toggle between 2 (or more) Loopgroups (Verse/Chorus..) would be a nice feature.

    -very importend for me (to drop my Hardware-Looping-System) would be the possibility to Record a loop.. Stop the recording and stop the playback of that Loop simultainiously. (Catch and Save ist for later playback).

    -if I Turn the iPad 45 degrees to fit it the Alesis iDock .. Loopy is not following that mowement.. Can that be changed? Or am I doing something wrong?

    Beside that... Thank you for a wonderful App. :-)

    Greetings from Hamburg

  • With the rotation - Loopy does follow the movement of the iPad, but it leaves the loops and control strip where they are, and simply rotates the loops and controls on the control panel. The control panel stays on 'short' side of the device. As with all of them though, if you lay the device back at an angle (if device isn't vertical), it can have trouble figuring out which way is downwards ... And hello from Sydney, Australia!

  • Hello and thank you.. You are right!
    With that I was stupid. Accidently I used Loopy 2.4 instead of Loopy HD on my iPad.

    Greetings to Downunder

  • Hi,

    Any news about feedback control for each track ?

    Thanks :).

  • It looks like it's going to be pretty low priority at the moment I'm afraid, @oscillateur: http://www.facebook.com/questions/504463922928679/

    Feel free to upvote it though.

  • Argh, any way to vote on this without Facebook ?

  • voted for you oscillateur. Respect for a facebook free life!

    You might checkout EchoPad. It's got a looper (3?) with feedback control.

  • Oh! Actually, I wasn't paying quite enough attention - feedback just another word for decay, and that (collectively with reverse and a few other things) has quite a large number of votes. So looks like actually there's a good chance of it happening.

    Sorry for the earlier brain-departure, it can happen from time to time ;-)

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