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Connection between HX Stomp and Loopt

Hi All,

I am having connectivity issues with an iphone 11 - latest OS and HX stomp.

On the HX Stomp > Bindings > Add Binding it always shows waiting for events....

Things I have tried to resolve the issue:

  • Connected the stomp to midi monitor to check that messages are being sent -> they are.
  • Connected another controller to the phone via the CCK and this show events ok.
  • The message types from the stomp are CC, Midi channel 1, CC# 10 and value of 1.

So there is a setting / or something I missed along they way during setup.

Anybody got any tips or ideas to help getting it working.




  • This morning everything seems to be working and waiting for events is showing correctly. Not sure what has changed overnight besides the following:

    • HX stomp power cycled
    • iOS update and power cycle

    So take your pick on the solution.



  • Glad to hear it Paul - I was sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out what to suggest, and then reloaded the page and saw your reply. Phew!

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