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Loopy is cutting in and out when I connect my usb audio interface?

I want to live-loop in performance with Loopy, so I'm trying to figure out how to both send a microphone IN and get a good quality sound OUT that I can send to my Fishman 202 speaker. (i.e., sound out through an instrument cable)

I have an iPad pro
and a presonus Audiobox USB interface.
I have a Hyper Drive USB-C Hub which lets me plug the interface directly into the iPad.
I have a microphone plugged into the interface.
Loopy is using the microphone that's coming through the interface just fine.

Here's my problem. Loopy is "glitching" -- a short silence -- unpredictably in 10-30 seconds.
Doesn't matter whether I'm recording a new loop or not.
If I unplug the audio interface, then the loops I recorded with the interface plugged in run without any glitches.

Can someone tell me what's going on, and what I need to do to fix this? I've searched the forums for answers and didn't see them -- if they're there already, please share the link to help me find them!

Thank you....

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