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Stolen Sessions

A 2021 call out to all as I think this is important.
A friend went out to Subway to grab some lunch, had his huge bap and was walking along feeling satisfied and happy
then his hand went to his pocket and a horrible DREAD his mobile was gone he legged it back to the shop but it had not been seen found or handed in by the staff and he almost threw up.. not because he had lost his iPhone but because he had more than 8 Gigs worth of loopy sessions and recordings over a years work GONE! just like that.

I am wondering how many of us could so easily be in that position? and would like to know What's your method to back up all your great work, do you Sync to other devices, have you a backup file system and how do you go about doing it.

Most importantly Is there an easy way that my friend could have just grabbed his 8 Gigs of songs and copy and pasted the lot in one hit somewhere safe before the fatal lunch.
Many of us just simply don't know how and where the loopy Sessions and songs can be found on our phones & pads so
Please share your thoughts thanks all and hope this helps


  • The iOS “Files” app since a few years back has made this super simple. Just find the “Loopy HD” folder that is kept on the “on my iPhone” section of the Files app, then copy and paste or drag the Loopy folder to wherever you want to back it up.

    You can make a backup on iCloud, or on a local network or external drive very easily. Here’s the official support webpage from Apple for how to“Connect external devices or servers with Files on iPhone” https://support.apple.com/guide/iphone/connect-external-devices-or-servers-iph8d8f0f1a0/ios

    I lost everything last year... so I shoulda listened to my own advice :s

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