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Horrible feedback at first initiation of Loopy

I am using a USB-C to USB converter on my iPad Pro 2020 to connect my keyboard to audiobus, and then to Loopy. That converter also has a 3.5 jack on it so that I can get sound from my iPad.

Unfortunately, the first time I run Loopy from Audiobus (or sometimes even when it is run standalone), there is a horrible feedback sound that ruins the whole experience that lasts around 2-3 seconds. As I understand it, Loopy doesn't mute the iPad microphone until it is run and detects that the setting is off and there is a delay before it realizes that the jack is supposed to be active and not the on-board speakers.

Could you please fix this issue? I would gladly give you more details if needed. I am sure there are other people facing the same problem.


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    That is an annoying bug! I’ll look into it - but at the moment I’m flat out getting Loopy Pro released, so I can’t promise to get onto it right away. The current codebase of Loopy itself will be retired once Loopy Pro is finished, so I’m reluctant to invest too much into it right now, but I’ll take a quick look when I get a minute.

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