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Undo and Peel

I'm not asking for this in Loopy HD as I know to implement this would be a major task.. but for loopy pro/masterpiece could you look at adding an undo/redo and peel function per track.

It would be HUGELY powerful to select a loop with my foot pedal and then select undo or peel.
Its a great thing that is on the headrest looperboard and can really change a performance or you can undo and peel back mistakes really quickly.
I think with the power of the iPhone and iPads now they could hand that per track.
Am prohgramming up a Morningstar MC8 atm to work with Loopy HD for hands free(ish) control and with 16 buttons per bank, this would be cool.


  • Hey @johnpaulmusicuk - yep, this is definitely planned! I've already got app-wide undo/redo, but I also intend to add a track-specific feature to move back and forwards through the overdub layers, turning them on/off.

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