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Bluetooth camera shutter release?

I think I've asked this before but can't find the thread so I'll try again. Is it possible to create a binding so that a BT camera shutter release works as a record start/stop/play button? I have a simple BT key fob* which sends a 'volume up' signal to my iPhone which in camera mode fires the shutter. Because the large button stands slightly proud it works fine as a basic foot switch (not remotely gig-worthy but adequate for sofa practice and at around £5 cheap enough to replace). As a guitar player I need both hands to play so starting/stopping loops has to be done with a foot switch, I have an AirTurn Ped which works fine but I can have my phone and the BT fob in my pocket at all times for impromptu sessions.


  • Hey Sam. No, I'm afraid not - Loopy really needs the volume controls to work as volume controls, so it's not really achievable.

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