Feature suggestion : Improved clock length manipulation on "imported loops"

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This would be great for 8 bar verses and 4 bar chorus synchronization!
Any chance Michael!

Thanks mate



  • Could you give me an example of how this'd work (and how it currently works/doesn't work in Loopy?).

    Ideally, what should happen when you, say import a loop that's double the length of the main loop is that it should just put, say, two of the main loops against one of the imported loop (so that the position indicator that spins round the rings is going half as fast for the imported loop).

    It is a bit tricky to get right though, cos I need to guess at tempos, etc - there's a chance I've got that wrong and need to tweak it some more, possibly even add some beat detection.

  • I would love the option to set the position indicators so they go round at the same time for different loop lengths! that way I can change loops exactly on the head (regardless of length) ! This is more or less what the Jamman does! Even if you could manually tell loopy to do this would be fine!!!
    No problem if this is tricky to add, I have my workaround lol!

    Cheer Michael

  • Hmm, I'm afraid I'm still not following - the position indicators can't go around at the same speed for different loop lengths; that just doesn't make sense. If they're going at the same speed, it means the loops are the same length (or one of them is playing twice as fast, anyway, for example).

    Can you give me a concrete example of what's happening now, and then describe what you want to happen instead? Only that will give me an idea of what you have in mind.

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