Bluetooth mic & headphones?

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First time caller... long time listener... (Actually I have been eagerly waiting to try Loopy since early 2009 but have been stuck on a first generation iPod touch... until now...!)

I didn't see an answer to this question on the forum already so I wanted to double-check... I have a Plantronics bluetooth mic/headphones combo but I can't seem to make it work with Loopy. Am I right in assuming that they are not supported at this time?

Keep up the great work, looking forward to MIDI and the fx!


  • Hi!

    I don't have much experience with bluetooth devices, actually, but in the upcoming update I have set a flag that should enable these, at least in theory. I haven't at all verified it, so I'll be very interested to hear your report, once the update hits =)

  • I have been using the Jambox bluetooth speaker with other audio ipad apps but it will not work with Loopy. I just got the Loopy update today and still no audio send to the Jambox. For those of us who dislike earbuds and headphones, it would be a nice future update to have full Bluetooth functionality. Thanks.
  • Ah, bugger - I was hoping that update would do it. I'll look into it!
  • I also gave Bluetooth a shot with the new update and had the same result. Can't wait to try the MIDI though...

  • I tried with Nokia BT 905i, but it's not detected.

    Any chance for to have independent output-monitoring via Bluetooth?
  • That's an interesting idea (although I suspect it'll be so laggy to make it musically useless - hopefully not, though!). I'll see if it's possible.
  • I think that would be a definitely 'killer feature'…
  • Yes please! Mirroring audio out to a Jambox via Bluetooth would become a key part of my workflow. Thank you for working on it!
  • My point is not mirroring, but monitoring independent selectable audio, in order to 'cue', inputs or importing tracks, etc.
    Maybe Bluetooth could be a way to compensate the big lack of outputs of the iPad.
  • Independent monitoring would be awesome, but I'd be thrilled with just plain old mirroring, as per the OP. I suspect that would be much easier to implement than independent monitoring, though apparently it's not as simple as I'd hoped :)
  • Sure will be some OS limitation…
  • Righto - I'll have a look. I suspect that the system won't allow anything but mirroring, but time will tell.
  • Would be nice that Apple realizes the importance of iPad in the music world and improves the audio with support for more inputs and outputs and audio resolution.
  • Any update on this? Would sure love to see Bluetooth output. Thanks!
  • Not yet I'm afraid @mbeck69, but I have an idea as to how it can be done, and I've completely revised Loopy's audio engine recently, so it will probably be in there in the next update or two.
  • Thanks, Michael - looking forward to the update!
  • Hi Michael - any update? Looking forward to the next releases!
  • Sorry, @mbeck69 =) We've had some distractions, but I'm working on it today. It's almost there, I promise.
  • Hey! I'm glad that i found this forum.. Just bought loopy HD and I thought of using it in the plane with my bluetooth stereo headphones... It's sad that's it's my only audio app that is not compatible. Thank you for working on it.
  • My primary headset is a Tenqa REMXD. It does have an audio jack, but it’s primarily a Bluetooth headset and the microphone only seems to work through Bluetooth.
    One of the reasons I got Loopy was that Audiobus doesn’t support Bluetooth i/o. I’m glad I bought Loopy, as I’m having fun with it. But I do wish it offered full support for Bluetooth.

  • I have tried my waterproof Bluetooth speaker - - with audio ipad apps, it is working perfectly. But when I connect them with Loopy, they are not working. However I read some important points about loopy configuration at that will be of help to you as well

  • Is Bluetooth working yet with loopy, need it so badly for 6 singers?

  • Still no bluetooth compatibility yet?

  • What's up with the bluetooth ?

  • Last time i checked, Bluetooth for live audio is just a no go.
    It isn't just about whether the app supports it, but the inherent latency involved in digital audio processing.

    If you were hypothetically using Bluetooth to record/monitor, the process would be something like;
    BT mic pics up sound, and converts the analog signal to digital.
    Digital audio would then be transferred to the ipad where it would sit in a buffer for a fraction of a second.
    Post BT buffer the audio would be sent to the audio engine where it would sit in a buffer for another fraction of a second whilst it is processed by the app/s.
    The audio would then be sent to through another BT buffer (adding yet more fractions of seconds) in the way to the digital to analog converters in your Bluetooth headset.

    I think there would be 2 more points of latency as well, being in the analog to digital converters and digital to analog converters.

    And then you would need to increase the audio engines buffer size to handle any fancy FX or other proccessing of the audio.

    The point is, music is made in real time. Computers don't work in real time (though they work fast enough to seem like it). Bluetooth adds extra complications by requiring even more proccessing time to the signal and, depending on your particular hardware, you would find your voice in your headphones is half a second behind you singing. And if you record it and then sing along, your new vocals would be half a second behind your looped vocals. Repeat, add nausea.

    And this is before we start talking about RF interference on a very short range signal in very populated RF bands causing drop outs, artefacts and disconnections...

    TL:DR (or the 'that didn't make sense to me' version)

    Bluetooth doesn't work for live real time audio perfomances.

  • @Syph's got it. There's an extra difficulty, too, which is that I've not been able to find a way to have bluetooth output, and separate input. iOS just doesn't seem to support that. But worse, the latency is just not good enough. In fact, when I've tried it with my car's audio system (which has input and output), it actually makes Loopy behave really strangely because the signal path is so long.

    Basically: use wires.

  • Hey Michael, my headphone jack is broken. Is there any work around? I've been loving loopy... If not, what is a comparable app that uses Bluetooth?

  • The only thing that comes to mind is a set of lightning headphones, perhaps?

  • hey michael,i was watching some loopyhd youtube vedios and they have plugged the headphones but sound output from a speaker how can we do that ?

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    Sounds like probably a separate audio interface they're using - unfortunately (and frustratingly!) Apple don't give us the option to take audio in from the headphones but put it out through the device speaker.

    I should mention, I haven't tested this with the Lightning headphones as I don't own a pair; people have mentioned having some success with USB headphones (i.e. separate audio interface), so this may work. Right now Loopy itself doesn't do this kind of routing, though, as it's a bit obscure at present.

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