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Sound quality gets worse when you add new tracks

I am not an expert so maybe I am missing something obvious, but I haven't found anything in the FAQs.

I am using loopy HD on an iPhone 8. A microkorg synth is the input for loopy, through an iRig2 device. A Roland TR-6s is also linked to the microkorg (audio in).

I am listening to what I am recording through a portable speaker (iRig headphones out).

Everything works great but every time I add a new "layer" (track) I feel that the sound of this new layer is getting worse (a bit distorted) and the volume is lower (too low respect to the other tracks). Basically the first track is perfect, then after a couple of tracks things get worse and at some point I can barely hear the new loop I am playing on the microkorg (I have to decrease the volume of the other tracks who are looping).

Is this normal? Is there something I can do to improve?




  • Try to decrease input volume of whatever instruments you’re using by at least 20%

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