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Backing up Loopy

Hi all, newbie here. I'm a PC user, and bought a used Ipad mini2 just to have Loopy! I love the program, but my Ipad is acting really weird (ghosting) and I want to back up my Loopy tracks. I installed Dropbox, but I am only able to backup one session at a time and it's really slow. Any ideas how to make this smoother?
Thanks much!


  • Forgot to mention. I go to Files app on ipad, open LoopyHD folder, select ALL, share to Dropbox, but then Dropbox only loads one file.

  • Hello! Hmm, I'm afraid I don't really know much about Dropbox; I don't use it myself. In theory what you're doing should work, but perhaps the Dropbox extension has a bug?

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