Anyway to use Irig as input but internal iphone speaker for output?

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Hi Anyone know if I can use Loopy Hd and irig with my guitar so loopy gets my input from irig but will output the overall sound from the internal speaker, I can't figure it out maybe the internal speaker is disabled when using irig but I'm pretty sure this works in garage band (don't have it with me right now to double check).


  • Hey @utensil - I'd be interested to hear whether you can in fact get output from Garageband to come out the device speaker while the iRig is plugged in. As far as I know, this isn't possible, at least not without diving into the new multi-route stuff in iOS 6 (which I haven't, yet).

    I'd be happy to be proven wrong, though - let me know.

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    Hey, I actually am not able to use my iRig to get sounds into Loopy. This is an amazing program. So addictive!

    10 minutes later:
    Ha, just fixed the iRig problem! Aces! :)

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    I know you were trying to get the internal speaker to work, but even using the headphome output of the iRig, as strange as it sounds, when i plug the iRig in - and try to monitor through headphones - I've found that he left-right signals cancel each other out, unless I pan all the loops to one side. Then, with all loops panned ton one side (including the loop I'm recording to), I can then hear what I'm playing - and what I'm playing along with, through the iRig headphone port, regards, Gary

  • Whoa. That's pretty wacky.

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