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Unlimited Looping in Ableton

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share something I've created that was inspired by Loopy. I fell in love with Loopy when it first came out and used it for years. But I was always frustrated by the iOS limitations involved - mainly that I could never get a reliable performance setup. This wasn't a problem with Loopy at all, but rather deep issues with the way the underlying iOS works.

It actually took ten years to pull this together, but I created a device for Ableton Live that turns it into a looper that functions like Loopy. When mixed with a midi controller, this gives me the ease of looping I've always desired. I'd been trying to get Ableton to do this for years and people had been asking for the functionality as far back as 2007. You'd think it's a no-brainer but they have never implemented it. So I created a couple devices that get the job done. The upside is that you can have as many loop tracks as you want. And, you can use a midi controller like this - with each button functioning as a separate, available loop slot:

So with that controller for example, you've got 40 available loop slots...

In my own setup, I have a guitar, bass, midi drums, piano, and vocals all connected and ready to loop. This is where I felt so held back with the iOS situation. The issue is not Loopy, rather the inherent connectivity and MIDI limitations when working on iOS.

Here are the devices if you'd like to check them out (particularly if you already have the Ableton Live Suite version):



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