Click track and output on headphones channel

Hi There,

I'm using Loopy with Audio bus and I have set it up in the following way.

Main out channel 1-2
Click track from loopy on Channel 3-4
Headphone mix channel 3-4

When I record and play, the main out is without the click track and outputs 3 and 4 have the click on my headphones. But I also want to hear the main signal from output 1 and 2 on my 3 and 4 channel. I can't figure out how to achieve this. Any help will be appreciated. I've searched the forum but the only thing that pops up is from 2014.

Regards Rik


  • Do you mean you only have the click in your headphones?

  • Hi ttk, yep, only the click

  • Ah yes, output channel duplication and mix busses. This is coming in Audiobus but isn’t quite there yet, I’m afraid (I’ve been focusing on getting Loopy Pro finished, which will also do this out of the box).

  • Hi Michael,

    thank you for the reply.

  • @Rik778

    You might want to use a "mixer" app along with audiobus.
    I suggest AUM.

  • Hi ttk thank you

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