Feature Suggestion, Accellerometer/shake trigger action

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Hi Michael ,

First Congrats and Thanks for the new version, especially the new Bluetooth feature, I've already started to hack my old Bluetooth Keyboard into a pedal which I couldn't easily do with a midi pedal as they are bulky and pricey.

Soon I'll have a portable wireless foot trigger that makes loopy hd better than any hardware looper I've ever used.

I have a suggestion . Before 1.3 was released I was experimenting with using midibridge and the ShakeMidi app (sends a programmed midi message on shake or movement) to trigger loopy recording with my foot ( I'm a guitar player). In short ,it worked but Shake Midi can't be backgrounded so I can't see whats going on in loopy while using it.So...

Would it be possible to add a feature in a future version such as:

1) if the device is shaken it can be mapped to a single Loopy action . (I'd use it to trigger the recording on and off)
2) That the sensitively of this can be set by the user.

using shake midi I was able to get loopy to start and stop recording by using my foot and tapping my iphone like a pedal.
The only problem as I mentioned is not being able to access/see loopy while doing this which makes it too clunky to be practical, if it were implemented directly it would be awesome. Loopy already has a shake to clear feature so if the option of how to use it were given with a sensitivity setting I think this could make for some awesome spontaneous looping and would replace even my portable RC-3 pedal.

Just a thought but either way thanks for making my phone worth it. Definitely the best app I've got.


  • Thanks heaps, @utensil! Also, you're welcome =)

    Oh, this idea! This is something I was thinking about way back when I first started working on Loopy 2.0, but never got around to doing.

    I never actually built it because I was worried it would be very flaky: even with an adjustable sensitivity thing, I thought there'd be a huge risk of false positives/negatives, which would basically render the whole thing unreliable and thus useless.

    I was also not too keen on the idea of encouraging people to put their iPhones on the ground and stomp on them =)

    So: How good is it with Shake Midi? Is it honestly reliable, and a good experience, aside from the issues of foreground/background-ness?

    Also, what about the issue with only being able to control one action? Is that enough?

    I think in general, I'd rather focus on other features that may benefit people more - there's a big list, with some very vocal supporters for a variety of items in it - but I'm willing to consider tacking this onto it somewhere if it truly is a good user experience (not a hacky, flaky one).

  • At this point you're completely right, ShakeMidi is NOT reliable enough to control something as precise as loopy.As a positive; It never detected a tap without one being present, but the main issue was it would capture 2 or 3 movements for my one foot tap, leaving loopy in an unknowable state as it was backgrounded.

    Now that I think about it just as important as the sensitivity is a setting to ignore multiple movements in a certain short period (say 2 seconds). I think this alone would make shakemidi a usable foot trigger for loopy but I'd still prefer to see whats going on.

    The one action thing is not too bad cause as a guitarist, triggering/stopping the recording is the part my hands aren't free for and I'd still have access to the beautiful loopy interface on the floor for the rest of the stuff like changing tracks etc. As for everyone stomping on their phones, I see where you may be worried but It doesn't take any trial and error to figure out that the safest way is to hit a corner (without using your full weight).

    I completely agree with your approach to focus on features that would provide real benefit, if this would be clunky then it would distract from Loopy as a pro tool and just be gimmicky. All I can say is if it was implemented I'd use it, if not...Loopy has every feature I'd expect from a looper and more so It's not something I'm waiting round for so no worries.

  • Hmm, okay - I think I'll give this one a miss still, it just sounds too flaky. Plus, with the new Bluetooth support, I think it opens up a number of new, affordable options for handsfree control.

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