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Simple Riff Based (Free Time) Looping

How do I configure Loopy to loop in this very simple fashion > play instrument > hit record > stop record > loop. No beats, no bars, loop length purely determined by the elapsed time between hitting start and stop.


  • Hey @patto. Try disabling count-in/count-out recording in Settings, and turning off synchronisation.

  • edited August 2020

    @Michael Tried that - it still wants to fill out the bar

  • That's weird! I can't reproduce that here.. how are you triggering the recording?

  • Manually touching the track circle - though I plan to use a pedal.

  • Think I've found the issue - when I start the rec by touching the circle - I assumed it wouldn't start recording until it detected a threshold sound - but it seems to start straight away - so the gap was a 'pre-gap' not a 'post-gap'

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