Newbie question

Just bought the app. The view on my iPhone does not show the orange menu bar? Is that only visible on an iPad?


  • Yep, on the iPhone, it's blue.

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    Newbie Question
    Trying to figure out how to hook it all up. iPad mini 2, Amplitube Mesa Boogie for MacBook Pro, Audiobus, Amplitube for iPad, Loopy HD, iRig Pro Duo, BlueBoard. I am struggling with the BlueBoard and how to use the iLoud as an interface or maybe I should just use the iRig Pro Duo as the interface for the iPad and and NOT use the MacBook Pro for now. At least until I get the hang of it. The MIDI seems like I would be more interested in Control Change instead of just going through presets in Amplitube. I'm confused with setting up Bindings too. I'm had Loopy recognize the Irig Pro Duo, and the BlueBoard. But for some reason Loopy couldn't get my guitar into it or something that I did incorrectly.Please Help or point me to some video tutorials or Manual/written direction.
    Thank You


  • Hi Mishmael,

    You shouldn't need your Macbook Pro.

    Maybe you should have a look at thse tutorials first:

  • Excellent !!! Thank you for directions to the groovy tutorials. Is there any way to lock a solid drum loop to protect it in it's original state of pure perfection so it will not accidentally get messed with during wild performances or newbie inexperienced rehearsals. I have a rock solid loop that sounds amazing and am paranoid that in my exploratory sessions where I am experimenting that it will somehow be accidentally lodged out of place or even deleted by something only a newbie could pull off.

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