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Back up your Sessions and Recordings outside of loopy

Just a quick discussion on any suggestions on how we can back up all our work onto an external drive just in case we drop the lot down a big nasty watery hole that leads to the ocean never to be heard again. Ok some of its going to end up there one way or another but what is or is there a way of saving our work all of it outside of Loopy
to simply free up some memory


  • First, no big nasty watery holes for you! Gonna come right out and forbid it.

    Secondly, you should be able to do all that with the Files app - just grab the stuff from Loopy's folder there (under the "On My iPhone/iPad" section), and copy it to the appropriate spot.

  • Yes the big dark watery hole has opened !
    I am being sucked in to its depths
    This solution is not working Apple will no longer let you and I need international rescue
    Searched up exporting your sessions in manual and it reads coming soon

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