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Export Sessions to DAW

Are we here yet or is this still something that may come along soon ?
I myself use loopy as many of us do as a kind of Artists sketch pad for all of those inspired moments flashes of divine inspiration la la la for this we are all without exception in debt to Micheal for what is the re invention of the composers parchment and quill pen. Thank you sooo much.
Musicians can capture a moment quickly build up a song from what was simply thin air get down an idea with such spontaneous creativity its just a dream but such freedom to create has one downside. What happens is you can almost overnight have a lot of ideas stacking up. You want to develop them to the next level but that process at the moment seems slow so we need more export options.
My next step would be to Export out to my DAW and develop my ideas into full tracks maybe master some but taking one loop at a time over to the computer is where I think things could be made more streamlined.
Has anyone got any idea how sessions could be exported in one hit ? To be able to export the Audio file from loopy into a DAW such as FL studio, Logic Reason, Cubase, Ableton, Etc in a way similar the old korg DW888 recorder would be an excelent format.
The korg digital recorder was able to export an 8 track session as a single file (wav I think ) and this file when dragged into a DAW session would automatically open out each track onto 8 individual tracks of your DAW giving musicians then the opportunity to continue the work on a bigger the platform.
Not saying you can not get fantastic results just with loopy alone or taking anything away for loopy as being great for live work.
what i am thinking of here is when we want to complete our songs.For this a DAW really is the best option for adding your VST's more instruments FX and mastering.This would save such a lot of time keeping the flow and creativity moving right from creation to the finished Album on your shelf or better still the A&R mans desk.


  • Actually, you can indeed export a zip of all the wavs (uh, aiffs, I think they are actually, but same thing) from a session. Just tap the export/share icon from beside the session in the Sessions screen, then select "Share Samples". Then you can airdrop, email, etc the zip file to wherever you like, open the zip file and all the samples will be there.

  • If you happen to be using Ableton as your DAW, this may interest you:

  • It doesn’t work trying to share samples to dropbox. I get “an unknown error occurred” So frustrating.

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