Routing individual Loopy tracks through AUM

Folks, I’ve been trying to set up Loopy with AUM. I want to route each Loopy track (loop) to its own channel in AUM to be able to process them separately and mix down in AUM.

From what I see and read this should be possible, but when I set the apps up this way - creating multiple AUM channels and connecting individual Loopy tracks (IAA gen trk 1,2,etc. ) to the input of each AUM channel, the Loopy channels appear to set up correctly but I see no audio on their respective track meters in AUM, nor do any of the faders have any effect on any of the other audio channels from Loopy.

The only exception is the Loopy main output - if I route this through AUM it all seems to work as I would expect - I can see and control audio through the AUM channel. But the other Loopy tracks just don’t seem to work the same.

Even more puzzling is the following: if I set up one AUM channel, and route 1 Loopy channel (say, channel 1] through it, when I start Loopy (either manually or sync to AUM) I will hear the track through the AUM HW out, but still see no apparent indication that it is actually being processed by the AUM channel. This happens even with background play disabled in Loopy, so it seems that it is getting to the AUM audio engine, but not through the instantiated AUM channel.

I have tried this on 2 different iPads: an older iPad Air, and a 2020 iPad Pro, both running the latest IOS version and both AUM & Loopy running the latest download of their respective builds.

Any thoughts from the collective conscious? What am I missing?

Thanks all!



  • Update:
    I think I figured out where the disconnect is, which is good because I don’t seem to be attracting to much assistance with the initial post...

    I was misinterpreting the track numbering in Loopy!

    Searching the interwebs a bit more I found some threads discussing the track locations on the Loopy interface - they are not where I would have thought intuitively (at least to my expectation). I was interpreting (assuming - and yes, I know about that word...) that track #1 would be at upper left with the iPad in landscape mode, but this isn’t the case. Turns out they are numbered in that way if you orient the iPad in portrait mode, but they do not adjust to a change in orientation. So, the track I was thinking was track #1, was actually track #5 on a 6 track interface; what I thought was track #2 was actually track #3; etc.

    Loopy is a great app, and as intuitive as it can be, there is still a learning curve. With that in mind, in lieu of changing the apps track location behavior, perhaps there could be a “package insert” that listed the gotcha’s for the uninitiated noobe. Maybe just a “Read This First” kind of thread pinned to the top of the forum?

    In that spirit, I’m adding this update in hopes that it will help the next Loopy noobe who has trouble getting track routing sorted out.

    Search keys:

    Routing Loopy Tracks through AUM
    Loopy track numbering and AUM
    Using Loopy with AUM
    Loopy tracks through external apps
    Routing individual Loopy Tracks
    Roughing individual loops through AUM

    See also:

    That’s all I can think of at the moment.


  • @srrsonido. Sorry for the lack of responses.
    Typically @Michael is very helpful and responsive to questions but I think he may have his hands full with the Audiobus forum and Loopy Pro (hopefully😁.)
    This forum is a lot quieter than it used be.
    You’ll probably get quicker and more responses on the Audiobus forum.
    Sounds like you have it figured out though. I struggled with that too.

  • Glad you got it sorted @srrsonido! Ben's right, it's been a busy few days (actually filled with parenting, this time around!).

    I'm hard at work on Loopy Pro, which resolves a lot of the tricky stuff. When it's ready, Loopy HD itself will also be updated to use the new codebase, with a less comprehensive feature set but all the improved usability stuff.

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