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Merge Tracks - No common track length

Hi all,

I’ve been using Loopy HD for awhile but this is my first time on the forum. A common problem that has come up time it again is the inability to merge tracks which don’t have a common length. I’ve made some really great tracks which I wanted to share with people, but I couldn’t put them all together in one MP3 file because of varying track lengths.

Question 1:
Is it possible to merge tracks which don’t have a common length?

Question 2:
If not, is it possible to change the app so that we can?

Is it possible to program the app so that the smaller loops multiplied by the number of times required to match the longest loop in the mix?

For example, if there is a 4 bar loop, then it would need to be multiplied By 2, 3times to make it match a 32 bar loop When they are combined.

Anyone else have any ideas about this? Developers?


  • Hey Troy!

    Is it possible to merge tracks which don’t have a common length?

    It depends what you mean by common. Loopy will (as you suggest) automatically multiply the shorter of two loops to match the length of a longer one if the latter is a multiple of the former. But if there's no integer relationship between the two loops, then you'll see that error and Loopy will not merge.

    If you've recorded the loops in Loopy from within the same session, they should already be multiples of each other, unless you're working with track sync off. Similarly, if you've imported tracks with the "fit" option enabled, the same should apply.

    Otherwise, if you just want to share a mix down of a loopy session, you can do so using the session record feature - that's the "REC" button on the panel, which will record the live audio from Loopy to a file.

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