How to get rid of or prevent silent space?

When attempting to record a vocal session of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” when I record myself singing the “wimoweb” part, each time I stop, there is a space of silence (a beat or two) that continues after I stop singing so the loop is not right. I’m using a loop length of 4. If I set the loop length to less than 4, then the track automatically stops recording too soon, before I finish. I’d be happy to record my tracks “free-form” (start and stop singing when I want to) if that would work, if that is an option In the Loopy app. Is there someone at Loopy I can call and I can demonstrate to them the aforementioned issue I am encountering and then they can walk me through how to fix it? Or can someone at Loopy record a specific real-time step-by-step video tutorial of one person recording a vocal session of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” in which that one person sings each of the multiple wimoweb parts (in harmony) (which is what I am trying to do) and show me how to successfully accomplish that in which each track does not have that extra beat or two of silent space that I am encountering? I’m figuring that if I am able to understand the proper way to successfully accomplish and record this session of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” that will (hopefully) enable me to understand how to record other songs.


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