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Connecting an audio interface for instruments and a pedal: Will it work?

Hello all,

This is my first post on the forum; I hope this is the right category to post these questions.

I am intending to use the app with my Zoom UAC-2 sound interface with a dynamic mic (Sontronic Solo) as well as an electric guitar connected to the interface.

It appears that I will need the external power adapter of Zoom UAC-2 and the Lightning to USB adapter for using the sound interface with iPad (via Class Compliant Mode). I have ordered both of these.

I have the following 3 questions on mind:

  1. With the sound interface connected to iPad properly, will it be possible to use either of the 2 channels of the sound interface on Loopy for recording music? One channel will have the microphone connected and the other one the electric guitar.

  2. If I want to get a foot pedal, can I include this into this configuration via the MIDI connection of my sound interface or should I rather get a pedal with Bluetooth connection instead?

  3. Finally, do you have any suggestions for a foot pedal with iPad connectivity and silent switches? I am currently returning a Jamman Stereo since its switches are so loud and it makes it impossible to record anything via the microphone.

Thank you in advance for your time! Your help would be greatly appreciated!



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