Good reverb APP that works in the background with loopy???

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Hi can anyone recommend a good ipad no-latency stomp box with a good reverb that works in the background?
I think I am about to use my iPad for everything lol!



  • Line 6 verbzilla guitar reverb but nice with mic too

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    App? Where? :) Actually have the real Line 6 verbzilla guitar and use the slight octave for a very George Benson tone! Excellent pedal!!!


  • You'll need to wait for Audiobus before you can actually apply effects to Loopy's input, I'm afraid, unless you have 2 iDevices you can physically chain together.

  • Will do, thanks :)


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    Hoping you guys have courted :)

    Feel like other than recording random apps into stuff like MTD, applying reverb to loopy and other recording apps is going to be one of the most desired use cases for audiobus.

    I'm doubtful we'll see audiobus support in NanoStudio but Matt could probably make a swift buck by packaging his effects units into a stand alone audiobus enabled effects app. Those things are incredibly efficient, CPU wise (a guess, really, but considering how many you can have at once along with synths...).

  • We've got over 500 developers signed up to add Audiobus to their apps as soon as our SDK goes public, so I wouldn't be at all concerned about coverage ;-)

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