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Issues with track controls

Having issues with track controls. Hoping Michael or someone can help me. Have been using Loopy for a few months and with generally good success, but have hit a roadblock.

First, I am using a MIDI file to trigger Loopy. I write the file with appropriate commands and run it in tandem with a backing track. Works great, but sometimes not so much.

Currently I am trying to do this: I want to record 4 separate sequential loops. I am basically intro-ing a song with bass, and playing through the 4 different bass parts (verse, verse to chorus transition, chorus, and chorus to verse transition). So as each loop is recorded, it needs to turn off, and record the next loop.After the fourth loop is recorded, play the first loop.

Initially I tried an approach that has worked for me before:
I used a binding for "Toggle Record then mute Track 1-4" (one binding for each track). Generally this has worked, but for some reason it was glitchy this time, possibly because of commands overlapping due to the count in setting.
Best to show by example:
CC 1= Toggle Record then mute Track 1
CC 2= Toggle Record then mute Track 2
CC 3= Toggle Record then mute Track 3
CC 4= Toggle Record then mute Track 4
CC 5-8= Toggle Mute Track 1-4

My Midi file looks like this:

CC1 CC2 CC1 CC3 CC2 CC4 CC3 CC 1 CC4
So each records and at the end the first loop plays. The command acts like a button, meaning it seems to work properly only if I use CC1 and later another CC1 command. I can't use CC1 and later a CC5 (Toggle mute track 1). If I recall, doing that does not result in the loop muting, I think it closes the record and plays.
Anyway, the above arrangement worked inconsistently and shortest track would stop recording, but it would play rather than mute. The other tracks did fine. Tried different spacings between CC's but would not work, which was weird.

So next I used a binding for "Toggle record, mute, then record next track (selected track)" This seems to work up until I reach the last loop, then trouble starts. I used "Selected track, since these are sequential loops. I did have to put an initial CC for Select Track 1 in to get this to work (I initially assumed it might automatically choose track 1 with no tracks recorded, but fine...easy fix).

The issue I have is getting out of the sequence properly. Here is my example:

CC1=Select Track 1
CC2=Toggle record, mute, then record next track (selected track)
CC3= Toggle Mute Track 1
So my MIDI File is:

CC1 CC2 CC2 CC2 CC2 CC3 CC???

One problem I have identified is that the "Record next track" seems to be screwed up: I have LoopyHD set up in the 12 track mode. Track 1 is always bottom left, Track 2 middle left, Track 3 top left, Track 4 then is the bottom track to right of track 1. When I use sequential "Toggle record, mute, then record next track (selected track)", I select track 1 initially with a command, but the "next track" that Loopy HD is going to after track 1 is track 4, then track 7, then track 10. So it is slecting the bottom row tracks from left to right. This makes no sense at all,

Anyway, I would appreciate if someone could suggest a way to accomplish the most simple and basic of loop functions!


  • "One problem I have identified is that the "Record next track" seems to be screwed up"
    The layout is just not what you think it is.

    I may be wrong, but your performance seems quite fixed.
    Have you considered using this tool instead: https://zenaud.io/
    It seems more suitable for you

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