Add effects within Loopy

I recently got loopy and think its a great tool for creating loops . I also just got the Audiokit L7 Looper and noticed that it was quite good in its own way .
Somehow i did find the interface on loopy quite simple and intuitive but was missing out on one main feature that i wanted to share or possibly check with the creators if they had plans . The feature is to add some FX on the clip .
This would make it possible to create some dynamic variations once the loops are created . The L7 Looper includes such a feature and i thought it was really good and simple to use .
If not too many effects , a few such as an 3 band EQ, delay , reverb and filter may be a great start and useful to optimize the loop quality. Mainly since most of the loops are created with voice its good to have some FX based adjustments handy .


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