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How to use Loopy Hands free

I am completely new to the app and have mostly figured out the basics. I’m having problems however because I am recording things on my violin, which requires two hands and I can’t press the loop buttons at the right time cries is there anyway I can record hands free and get the timings I want? I’ve been trying my toes but it doesn’t work very well... thanks for all of your help !


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    Hey @Gracienotes - funny you should mention it, I'm working on solving this once and for all right now - but that won't help you immediately.

    Right now the best solution is to use a foot pedal (like the Blueboard, for instance). You can even use a bluetooth keyboard if you have one sitting around, and map something like the space bar to record.

    Failing that, you can set a tempo in advance and use a metronome click to count you in - then use the count in/out features in Loopy. Check out this tutorial for some hints: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtZcYBgRVEs

  • @Michael thanks so much!! I look forward to your work! I sent you a couple of samples via email, I think one of them got a bit messed up by accident but they may be useful.

  • Woo! Wonderful, thanks =)

  • So I am using Loopy HD hands free live. I use Bandhelper to organize my sets, but it also runs my loops. If I am playing with a drummer, I have a tempo mp3 for each song that he and I follow using our in ear phones. Bandhelper allows me to attach a MIDI file to the mp3, and the MIDI file instructs Loopy to record, play, stop, overdub, change volume...whatever.

    Takes you down a big rabbit hole of having some vague understanding of MIDI, but it is great. I make the MIDI files using MidiEditor, which is free.

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