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Record one loop -> tweak live AU FX -> record loop on other track?

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Hi to all

New on this forum (and to Loopy HD)

Setup for now is Blüthner grand piano stereo miked, Eventide H9+Sherman Filterbank+Electrix Filterfactory after stereo preamp, 2882 Metric Halo interface, iPad Air 2 with CCK, way too much hoarded fx plugins, and a choice of AUM/Audiobus for routing which I am not yet super familiar with

Is it possible to do the following sequence in Loopy HD :

  • record a live instrument on a track and loop it
  • have AU/IAA fx inserted on that loop after recording, tweak the fx live
  • record all that back to a second track?

Thanks for your help




  • Hey @saxophonick - yep, you can do that, using Audiobus as the patchbay (https://audiob.us).

    You'd put Loopy in the input, the AU/etc FX that you want in the effects slot, and Loopy also in the output slot.

  • @Michael : It would be great to have some FX that can be added at a clip level without the use of jumping into audiobus and tweaking FX through another app . This would be a deserving update on a app like the loopy

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