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What do I need to use a Midi Controller???

edited October 2012 in Equipment

Right now, I've been using Loopy HD with my iPad 2 via the iPad. I use an iRig to record loops and then export. I'd like to move to using it live. I realize the Behringer midi board is great, but what do I need to connect it to the iPad? I know the iDock is an option, but I've heard it doesn't work well with the iPad 2?

I am looking for cost effective really, as most will be done live and I am new to midi. Really, I want to loop separate tracks for home recording. For stage use, I want to run loops of different multiples....like a Boomerang III.



  • I've been using an iRig Midi to connect a MIDI controller to the iPad2. I guess it's your chapest good cost/benefit choice around.
    Another alternative (even cheaper, in fact) would be plugging a cheap USB midi cable to the iPad (I have used this old ESI RomI/O, for example) through the camera connection kit. It works all right, the setback being you can't charge the iPad while you use it (that can be a problem if you're going to use your set for a longer period).

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