Bluetooth Headphones, Latency, workarounds

Just looking for some confirmation here...

I just started using Loopy on my iPhone 7 and my iPhone 5 (yes, 5, I know...).

The 5 has a headphone jack so I plug in my ordinary headphones and all is well.

The 7 has no headphone socket so I connect it up to my Bluetooth headphones, and here all is not well. When I sing something into the device I hear my voice repeated back to me several miliseconds after I sing. Presumably this is caused by the latency introduced by using Bluetooth as described by Syph near the end of this old post (

So, my question is, does anyone know of a workaround yet that would allow me to use Loopy on my iPhone 7? How do you all do it?


  • Hey @Junglefish - welcome! Ah, yes, the loss of the headphone socket was quite a blow. If you're happy to do without live audio monitoring, you can just switch monitoring off; Loopy should handle the latency adjustment on playback of loops. Otherwise, if you need to hear the live audio, you'll need to use a cable: use the lightning headset or the adapter that came with the device, or use an external USB audio interface plugged in via the USB-lightning adapter.

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