Count in is Random?? Help

I searched the forum, watched some tutorials but can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I set the count in function to 4 bars. I hit play before I tap the loop I want to record, and then sometimes it counts 3 bars, sometimes 5 bars sometimes 1 bar. Here is all I want from this software, something super simple where I can record backing tracks to practice jazz improvisation. I only need to record one loop and I want it to count in 4 bars from the moment I hit record. Can this app do that (without me having to watch the screen, or do anything else). I just want to tap it, have it count 4 bars every time then start recording that’s all I need or want. I only need to record a single 32 bar loop. I’ve figured everything else out but I am stumped by this count in issue.


  • Hey @adam - the count-in is synchronised to the clock by default (which you can see spinning around on the panel), so if you're not paying attention to that, it might seem random. If you always want 4 bars for a count-in regardless of the session's timeline, then go into Settings, Track Management, then change the "Count-in quantise" settings from "Clock Length" (i.e. synced with the length of the clock) to "4 Bars".

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