Korg Kronos and Loopy

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Hi, i'd to use the app with my Korg Kronos. I connect the keyboard to my Ipad via CCK (The kronos works as a audio interface also). The problem im facing is that I cant route the Loopy audio output to earphones , output always go to my Kronos USB input, then every new loop always adds the previous loop also. The app is useless like this to me. Any idea?

Thanks in advance


  • owiowi
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    if you don ´ t want to read the kronos manual and route the audio of the kronos via usb to loopy and back to the earphone out of the kronos, then you could try to plug the earphones into the earphone out of the ipad or iphone you are using. that would connect the output of the looper to the earphones and would mute the speakers of the iphone or ipad. then loopy would not hear the signal of the kronos via the ipad or iphone mic and would not record the signal that is coming from the internal speakers.

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