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Is my Beringer UMC404 compatibele with loopy HD?

Hi, Does anybody know of my Behringer UMC404 is compatibel with loopy HD? I have everything connected in the right way, but i’m still having trouble with an overkill of sound. Another app is working correctly. I’ve already tried all the settings.



  • owiowi
    edited April 2020

    hi Danielle, what is an overkill of sound?
    did you notice these settings (please see link) https://c.web.de/@400675155845583991/SLqFPnDcSpmJQfhNsEkH2g
    i don ´ t have an umc 404 but the umc 1820. but i think that it works like your interface.

  • Hi Owi,

    Thanks for your respons. Sorry for my English. My gain light (indicator) is red when i sing louder. It stays also that way when i put the volume down. The settings are all correctly set.

  • A distortion sound.

  • to avoid a distorted sound please dial in the gain on your interface carefully. if you have a mic connected to the input of your interface, the clip led there should not become red all the time (only a few times may be) when you sing into the mic. the gain in the loopy settings should be turned all the way up.

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